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RAZOR THEORY is a development company that embraces innovation and stays true to traditions.
Creating breakthrough software and mobile products for various businesses, we work as creative agency as well.
We shape your idea, making it smart, simple and profitable.
If you are looking for a team of qualified specialists in Phoenix, here we are. Advanced level of expertise, global thinking and well-tuned communication with clients is what puts us in front of others.
We don’t copy. We create.


Look what makes us stand out:


We embrace challenges. Being digital agency, we deliver creative, strategic and technical solutions for software and mobile products and services.
We have top specialists to guarantee your web application resonates among the audience and runs as smoothly as possible.

In Demand

We are not based in Phoenix, but instead we act globally. That’s what defines us as a development company and design and digital agency. We create products for clients from the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.
We overperform and deliver more than we charge. We easily understand our clients’ backgrounds and overcome cultural barriers.


Razor Theory is a full-circle creative agency. We don’t release half-baked products. If we address a project, we provide it with all possible support. Razor Theory works on budget and on time and don’t outsource project to external developers. Those are the principles we go for.

Personal Connection

We know what you need. Razor Theory maintains a high level of quality and treats each client with close attention. Being keen on detail enables our creative agency to generate rocking ideas and nail web and mobile development.
We genuinely care about all your product-related needs and always have a pack of workable solutions.


We have a great in-house team of developers that performs above expectations. Over the years we managed to acquire enough experience to provide full-round services using our own resources.
We believe that working at premises makes for a better result and constructive feedback.

Satisfied Clients

By addressing our clients’ needs and keeping up at the due level of professionalism, we are good at retaining customer loyalty. Razor Theory boasts a positive feedback and tons of recommendations from companies from all over the globe.
If we are making a product for you, rest assured it will rock.

Top software is tailored by a team that is trusted.
If you want your product to hit the market, contact Razor Theory creative agency.
And watch your profits grow.

We Are Ready

Located in Minsk, Belarus our in-house
engineering team is ready for a new challenge.

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Projects we love
  • Smart web apps
  • Clean web design
  • Beautiful mobile apps
  • Startups & new ideas
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Django, Python and JS
  • DLT, blockchain & crypto
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • High-load & big data
  • RESTful API development
Our Office

7 Ignatenko st.
Minsk 220035

+375 29 13 31 735
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