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Razor Theory is a software consulting agency that creates state-of-the-art technological solutions. We innovate, develop and optimize. Our mission is to drive profit by crafting advanced products.
We work for startups and businesses all over the world. We believe in power of technology. We are a team of aspiring mobile and web developers who are passionate about creating top-notch applications.
Razor Theory is not based in Zürich, but it won't prevent us from delivering stellar results for your project!
We can transform an idea into something that will live. Let’s see how.


Look what makes us stand out:

We are Passionate about what we do

Over the years we gained knowledge and skills that allow us to stand out today. Razor Theory is a software consulting agency that specializes in mobile development and comes up with rocking web solutions.
We guarantee the highest level of proficiency.
Well-versed with technology, we constantly go for more and adopt best practices in crafting a product for you.

We are Trusted

We collaborate with many international companies and startups. High degree of competence and confidence earned us a trust of our clients.
We constantly increase customer loyalty and evolve as a software consulting agency.
We handle numerous projects and geographical boundaries are no longer an obstacle.

We are Easy to Communicate with

We can talk and explain. We can put complex formulas in simple language and vice versa.
We deny complicated processes and long negotiations.
We know the role of effective communication and embrace simplicity.

We Put our Priorities Straight

Our client is a top priority for us. No matter where are you from or how complex your project is. We just deal with it. We’ll propose a rational solution to your problem and do our utmost to address your needs.
Our software consulting agency nails mobile and web delivery and creates bespoke strategies on how to polish and release your software product.
We consider your feedback and your opinion is the most valuable insight for us.

We Believe in In-House Development

Razor Theory accumulates talent and boasts a devoted team of professional developers. We don’t outsource. We make this a point to develop, test, tweak and polish software within the team.
Over the years we acquired necessary expertize and leveled up. We grow with every project as it hones our skills.

We are Highly Recommended

Razor Theory is a software consulting agency that has successfully built trust with its clients. We managed to gain customer loyalty doing our job better than we could.
We tried to overperfrom and paid attention to every detail.
Now delivering on time, on budget and on value is a common task for us.

Smart people. Professional development. Right attitude. It’s Razor Theory.

We Are Ready

Located in Minsk, Belarus our in-house
engineering team is ready for a new challenge.

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Contact us

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Projects we love
  • Smart web apps
  • Clean web design
  • Beautiful mobile apps
  • Startups & new ideas
  • Cloud-based solutions
  • Django, Python and JS
  • DLT, blockchain & crypto
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • High-load & big data
  • RESTful API development
Our Office

7 Ignatenko st.
Minsk 220035

+375 29 13 31 735
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